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Ok, as my friend Tim was the one who suggested making these pages into an actual calendar AND the only person as of this writing to buy any, I gave him the choice of the girl for this year and asked him to think of a theme. He picked Bev Bopp again and the theme will be a sports calendar. I actually knew he was gonna pick that, being that he is one of those sports watchers. I myself, while I always loved playing sports as a kid (even though I wasn’t real great at ’em) I could never really get into watching other people play them, especially grown men. However, watching women play certain sports has been known to intrigue me from time to time.

I’m starting with figure skating this year…yes my calendar year seems to begin with February…probably my favorite sporting event to watch women do. I used some freeze framed poses of Kristy Yamaguchi to make  sketches   for Bev’s pose but I couldn’t decide on one so I used six of them .