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Ok, as I said, it’s March but I am going to catch up with my calendar girls. I’ve decided to go for a cartoonier girl this year, in fact, inspired by my Betty Boop calendar, (the only calendar I seem to be able to stand being on my wall anymore and by the way ,if you couldn’t tell from some of my other art I LOVE Fleischer!)   I stylized Lauri, making her more Boopesque, even gave her a little Pudgyesque dog (his name’s Blotto) but I can’t really call her Lauri anymore…my Lauri concept just doesn’t go with this…so hmmm….what shall I call her? A notice with my morning paper from what looked like a “Beverly Bopp” telling me she would be taking over my route gave me the idea! I will call her Bev Bopp and I will “borrow” the poses from my Betty Boop calendar! Get ready for a year of Bevvie Bopp!