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7/21/11  I think this is a good one to end the latest “week” on. I’m thinking every seven drawings will constitute a week even though they may not be on subsequent days. See you next week…whenever that might turn out to be!

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7/19/11  I was playing with a little color today. You tell me what’s going on here!

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7/17/11  I actually did most of this page last night but finished it up this morning. Just a few random sketeches of Ron, Harry, Hermoine, Larry, Jay and umm…Seamus? I guess we can call the cat Crookshanks. Good job, kitty!

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7/15/11   I’m trying to loosen up my drawings a bit more. I’ve found the only way to really do that effectively is to just draw incessantly. Here are a few more beach bunnies.

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7/13/11    In da summertime when da livin’ is high...

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7/12/11 This is for all you Leos out there. Beware the bunny!

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7/8/11:  It’s been since St. Patrick’s Day since I posted any doodles. I’d planned to start again on the first day of summer, but circumstances intervened and spirits were rendered low. I think I’ve finally snapped out of it though. Today I picked up one of my new Blackwing Palomino pencils and took it for a spin and with that and a blue Prismacolor Col-Erase drew the above. The Blackwings are made in Japan now and I can report the results are quite satisfactory IMO. Here Riparia is intrigued by a young lady from the local village who has come to the river for a skinny dip.

To see my doodles from last winter (going backward from the last one)click here

To see my doodles from last summer (going backward from the last one)click here