3/13/11   Mr. Basic admires a wide variety of cartoon women. If only he could attract one of them… alas he’s just too bald and, well… basic.

3/11/11  Mr. Basic really can’t stand himself

3/10/11   Well obviously I am not able to do a drawing for every day of winter as originally intended… I’ve had this pesky “paying” work to do lately that requires me to draw things all day that people give me money for (eventually) and while I’d just as soon draw whatever I want all the time there’s that pesky need to have money , even as little money as a traditional hand-drawing animator makes these days. I think I actually make more teaching nowadays. But anyways, by the time I’m done doing other people’s work all day ..well.. see drawing below!

I am, from this point, going to post drawings as they come, perhaps on a daily basis, perhaps not. Maybe sometimes two or three a day! Creative freedom should not be forced or held back. I  think I’ve stated that any comments are welcome and I know I don’t have a “comment” button like most bloggers do, but I don’t like thinking of myself as a “blogger” or of this as a “blog”. Maybe I just don’t like the word “blog”, much like some hoity toity cartoonists don’t like the word “doodles”. In any case, please feel free to use the email link on my homepage with any comments or suggestions!

3/4/11   I’ve been drawing all day and I am just kinda burnt out on it…however…

3/3/11     back to Basics

3/2/11   Anyone tired of bosomy women?

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