2/14/11    Happy Valentine Day from Aphrodite, Pan and Eros.

1/13/11   Not new characters…but I did draw them today. They are from the thus far unproduced film version of Where’s Dick?

2/12/11   another old drawing of Pinky and an exasperated Brain

2/11/11   Ok I’ve been slacking off! It’s actually Sunday the 13th as I’m posting this. I haven’t drawn anything new that I can post in the past two days so I  pulled out this page from around 1997 of drawings I did of Pain and Panic from Disney’s Hercules, a movie many have regarded with disdain but that I think is awesome!


2/9/11  A fan emailed me asking if I’d draw some ballet poses. I had time to do a couple today from photos I found online. They’re actually quite excellent to work from. More to come for sure.

2/8/11  Mmmmmmmmichi!

last week’s doodles