1/31/11  A new one today. Was doodling off some album cover art and it turned into this Frazettaesque thing.

1/30/11   the second panel(s) from Spicy City: Sex Drive. The story was written by Ralph’s son, Preston Bakshi.

1/29/11   I think cabin fever is starting to set in…

1/28/11   The first panel of my storyboard for the Spicy City episode, Sex Drive.

1/27/11    I figured I’d post these new drawings I doodled at the school today.

1/26/11   another drawing from one of Ralph’s original designs… La Bruja from  The Hands of Mano Mantillo

1/25/11   I am still working on animation all day long this week so it looks like this will be Blast From The Past Week 2. This is Nisa from the Spicy City episode Sex Drive. She is an aspiring detective who becomes embroiled in a nefarious plot involving crooked cops, virtual girls and a mad scientist. She didn’t end up looking like this in the final version. This is just one of many early designs based on one of Ralph’s drawings.