1/24/11   Michelle Phillips performed the voice for this character, the hostess of Ralph Bakshi’s Spicy City series that aired on HBO in the summer of 1999. These are a few of my early sketches of Raven.

1/23/11   This drawing was from a documentary that I’m not sure ever got made. It was to be called Children of the Revolution (not to be confused with the album by T Rex) and was about the children of  then recently passed revolutionaries such as Abbie Hoffman and Timothy Leary carrying on the good fight. In this concept drawing the pigs cheer and jeer as the Fat Lady is about to sing. Just as she is about to, however, she is interrupted by the sound of a baby crying, much to the pig’s chagrin.

1/22/11   Are you old enough to remember Gigantor, the Space Age Robot? That’s what this SNL TV Funhouse character was based on. This is Torboto, the robot who tortures people, Dick Cheney’s brilliant creation for interrogating prisoners. He is seen here in his Lindy England pose. I remember taking delight in animatin Cheney getting his genitals zapped by Torboto. To see the entire cartoon go here.   Warning: this is not a children’s cartoon!

1/21/11   This was done way back when I was working on The Angry Beavers. No, it’s not Dagget and Norbert gone gay. It’s a valentine I did for my wife which I think I called “Horny Porcupines”

1/20/11   A Dramatic truck in on Brain as he envisions another plan to take over the world! I’m not sure what episode this is from. It’s been on my pinboard for at least 10 years.

1/19/11   Remember when Saturday Night Live used to have cartoons? Ahhh those were the days! Lots of work for me! This is from Robert Smigel’s TV Funhouse. Josie and the Pussycats as they appear on the Al-Jazeera Kids Network

1/18/11   It seems I actually have a ton of paying work this week. It’s unusual for a traditional animator to have any work these days let alone a whole ton so I am actually pretty ok with it. The thing is I need to spend pretty much all my doodling time on the real work so I’ve decided that this week will be…BLAST FROM THE PAST WEEK! I seem to have all these stray storyboard panels stuck up on my board over my work table so I am going to post some of them. This one is from the Johnny Bravo episode, Johnny’s Inferno(1999), in which Derek the Demon tries to persuade Johnny to do something evil, such as go through the “10 items only” line at the store with 11 items!!

last week’s doodles