1/17/11    I put Frank Frazetta’s Reassembled Man on my desktop today…stared at it for a bit… next thing I knew I was sketching it.

1/16/11   Oops, I got involved in watching the Golden Globe Awards last night and completely forgot to post a doodle! (It’s actually the 17th now) Here’s what Halle Berry looked like last night and she most certainly gets my award for the most golden globes.

1/13/11   Just as I started thinking about doing a new Goddesses of the Zodiac Calendar they change the Zodiac all around and add a new sign! It seems I am now a Gemini. Does that mean my personality traits will change too? I don’t really mind the changes actually. It gives me a new character for my story. Here is my first sketch of Ophiuchus.

1/14/11   These were done at the school when I was demonstrating the flour sack construction. Note the similarity to the shmoo, a creation of hippie-hating cartoonist, Al Capp.

1/13/11   doodles I did at school today…or “schoodles”

1/12/11   I seem to be drawing a lot of girls this week. Here are a few in profile.

1/11/11   A few more sketches of Aquarius

last week’s doodles