1/10/11    I’ve decided I might do another Goddesses of the Zodiac calendar for next year. I did a sketch of Aquarius today. This won’t be the pose on the calendar though, it’s too much like the last one. I need to come up with something a littledifferent I think…

1/9/11    From a statue in the Vatican Museum of the personification of the Tigris River. If you look really close you can just make out the rabbit peering out of the vase!

1/8/11   It’s hammer time in da HOUSE!

1/7/11  It’s The Cat! My drawing of the character from Mark Kausler‘s film, an awesome cartoon that is not only hand drawn, but actually inked and painted on cels like in the olden days of yore! To find out more about the cartoon, which was producedby my friend, Greg Ford, CLICK HERE I hear the sequel is in the works!

1/6/11  I did this one at school today while my class was busily working. This is a friend of mine who I thought might enjoy my drawing of Keith. Obviously he didn’t. I should probably mention that he is probably the biggest Stones fan on earth and also that he tells me he can’t tell the difference between hand drawn and CG animation.

1/5/11   Wish I was here today

1/4/11   My favorite TV horticulturalist, Mary Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin…Master Gardener of her county.

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