1/3/11    A Traveling Faire visits Phrenova

1/2/11   Was watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary concert Blu-ray last night with Katie and she said this should be my next doodle… I guess to give Mick equal time with Keith on this page. His co-vocalist here is Fergie, who I am proud to say my son Joe has never heard of! I decided to leave this one at the pencil lines with no effects tools.

1/1/11    Happy 1111 Everybody! I was deciding on what calendar to use this year today. I decided on a “Hot Rod” calendar but this shot from the World Wildlife Fund Calendar caught my eye. This is the exact pose from the photo. I decided to embellish the eyes with some airbrush. These guys really have RED eyes!

12/31/10   There’s a half hour left to 2010 (in the New York area) as I post this. I got home from a righteous dinner out with friends and put on a concert disk and drew this stuff…and yes, I have been drinking! Oh, Bugs Bunny is there because I got an email from some guy requesting a drawing of him. Bugs was not real happy about being asked to pose on New Years Eve it appears. Oh well…I’M havin’ a good time! Happy New Years All!

12/30/10  Only got time for a quick Bender tonight folks.

12/29/10   My wife gave me Keith Richard’s book for Christmas. It gets off to a rollicking start as Keith and his pals evade a drug bust in the deep south! Ahh…nostalgia! Here is a sketch of Keith as the King of The Pirates.

12/28/10   I was so (un?)inspired today that I decided to doodle the first thing I saw when I turned on the TV and hit the freeze frame. This was it… perhaps fans of General Hospital can determine the exact time I began to draw this today. I have no idea what’s going on in this scene as I had the sound off but this guy looks to me to be some kind of slightly oddball character judging from the loud tie and the round glasses…perhaps a show biz lawyer? His expression might indicate he has some bad news to deliver to the young lady…or perhaps he is concerned about the proximity of the network logo to his private area.