12/27/10   It seems that while people (in general) are getting dumber… mice seem to be getting smarter.

12/26/10   Today was the first snow of the season! This is me and Asher venturing out into it just as it barely had started. Of course he had to roll in it even though it was hardly there. Huskies <shrug>

12/25/10  I am just not into drawing very much today! I’m just gonna post this drawing of San Marco in Venice that I did for my Christmas card, which can be see in color here and then I’m gonna go play with my new toys! New drawing tomorrow! Promise!

12/24/10   Elf party! This is what happens the minute Santa takes off for deliveries on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! And to all a goooood night!

12/23/10  Angst the Clown has a holiday gig as Santa, collecting for his favorite charity. If you were to guess that his favorite charity is himself you’d be quite accurate. Here we see Santa Angst caught taking a quick break. “Keep movin’ kid! Dis ain’t no peep show!”

12/22/10   Shopping day! Here’s a sight that is by now familiar to holiday shoppers.

12/21/10 As promised, here is my first doodle of winter 10-11. I am aspiring to do a new one for each day and I hope I don’t disappoint you or myself. This was a tough day to start, however, as I was up way way early this morning to watch the total moon eclipse, which hasn’t happened on the solstice for hundreds of years! It was awesome, of course, but I’ve been a little burnt out today as a result. Still, I managed to draw this adorable Christmas nymph and embellish her with some festive coloring. I just went over my scanned rough with the shading and airbrush tools so as to maintain the spontaneity of the original drawing. I freely admit to adapting the pose from another cartoonist who’s initials happen to be the same as mine, but mine is certainly a different girl.So pffft!