9/22/10   It’s the last day of what I’d have to say was one of the best summers of my life. I’m not exactly sure why… maybe it was going swimming every day, maybe it was hiking up to the top of Cat Swamp Mountain to watch the sunset so many evenings, maybe I just felt good! I did this today, partially while I was sitting up there on the mountain, partially after I got back down. This drawing does not do justice to the actual view, nor does the sun currently set right in the division between those distant mountains, which is the Delaware Water Gap, but it kinda captures the feel of what it’s like up there.

So that’s a full summer’s worth of drawings. I’m thinking of taking a break from this for a while now. I’m going to Italy with my wife in a couple weeks so perhaps I will have some inspired doodles to post when I get back in October. Till next time, fans and fellow artists… KEEP ON DOODLIN’!

9/21/10  Angst must be dreamin’

9/20/10   More randomness including characters from Jeff Smith’s Bone

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