9/12/10    This is sketched from Frazetta’s Egyptian Queen which I have on my desktop currently. I neglected to post a doodle yesterday in case anyone noticed. It was like 11:30 at night and I was tired and besides, it was 9/11.

9/10/10      Scorpiana has been sent to assassinate Diaab! Will she succeed?


9/8/10   I am jumping on the Cartoon Network bandwagon with my idea for a hip, crazy new series! It’s actually called Idealand and it’s about an aardvark and a giant wood screw that hang out together. Each episode the pig, or aarvark, whatever, has an idea attack and they then try to act out whatever bizarre thing he thought of. The ideas themsleves will be written using the “manatee method” (see South Park #10 04) only without manatees as I can’t afford any. The ideas will just be crazy things witten on paper and tossed into different bins: “place”, “person” “activity” “random noun” and then drawn and quartered. Oh, and the catchphrase that the pig is saying will no doubt become a household saying amongst the young and hip!

9/7/10   Still working on the design of my hero.

9/6/10 Some assorted Chuck Jones characters