8/22/10    These are scanned from my sketchbook. I drew them of people on the beach in the past few days. There are so many different kinds of bodies!

8/21/10    I’m back from the shore but I’m tired! Here’s one last condom doodle. Maybe I’ll draw something new tomorrow.

8/20/10    Still at the shore…but protected!

8/19/10     Cap’n Condom day 2… I forget what the Z on his hat was for.

8/18/10   I’m actually on vacation today so I’m posting some drawings I did a few years ago for Ms. Penelope Duns (who is now married to Mr. Moti Goldman) for a condom campaign that never came together. Rather than waste these tasteful gems I am going to post them over the next couple days while I frolic at the Jersey seashore and probably sketch more people I see at the beach. It’s appropriate that I post this on the birthday of my first son. Let this be a lesson to you young folks! When you got an urge that ya just can’t purge… call on Cap’n Condom!

8/17/10     I’m going to the shore for a few days so here’s some assorted merfolk…yes, mostly female.


8/16/10      the Princess Akiane in her bedchambers with her pet jib jibs Arlo and Luza

Last week’s doodles