8/15/10   another idea of mine for a comic strip. Don’t steal it!

8/14/10   I seem to be on a motherthood theme this week. This is from a photo from many years back of my wife and our first son at the beach.

8/13/10  Tried to draw something cool

wasn’t having much luck

it’s Friday the 13th

so I just drew a duck

8/12/10     quick sketches of Donald Trump

8/11/10     Write in your own caption! This was inspired by “Cruel Tea”, a film some of my students from many years back did that goes on and on and on endlessly…er…but it’s good! Check it out on Youtube.

8/10/10    Characters of my own. They solve mysteries.

8/9/10    This is from a statue on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina

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