8/1/10   Big Audrey

7/31/10   A few different body types… See if you can find the basic construction shapes in each one, kids!

7/30/10   The Destroyer in Frank Frazetta’s painting of the same name is weilding an axe but I figured Popeye would settle things with his “fisks”. Here he is clobbering an army of goons led by Bluto.

7/29/10      a few Warners characters I drew from model sheets

7/28/10  This is from a photo in one of my former student’s FB folders. Artist/model Jessie Desmond from the great state of Alaska.

7/27/10    More randomness…a dapper alien, a few out of shape super heroes, a vampire cow? Where’d that come from? Maybe I’ve been watching too much True Blood.

7/26/10   A couple characters of my own. A little bit of influence from various sources… Frazetta… Disney…Ralph Bakshi…