7/25/10   From one of the best drawn and funniest comics of all time (Bloom County, Outland, Opus), a few drawings of the great Berkeley Breathed’s Opus the penguin.

7/24/10   It was pointed out by many animation business friends on Facebook today that it’s Marvin Martian’s birthday. The first cartoon he appeared in, Haredevil Hare (with Bugs Bunny), was released on this day in 1948, making him 62 in earth years. However that’s only 33 years on Mars! It’s also my friend Tim Francis’s birthday. He is only 30 in Martian years!

7/23/10     random doodlings

7/22/10   Yet another cartoon version of a Frazetta illustration. This one is from his famous Moonmaid.

7/21/10   What’s that hon? Did I notice that attractive girl on the beach? Er…why, no! Not at all!

7/20/10  I was trying to come up with a Ralph Kramdenesque bus driver character yesterday so I started by trying a straight caracature. I’ve always thought Jackie Gleason was one of the funniest and talented actors ever.

7/19/10    Some characters created by Greg Ford and I for a possible animated musical feature based on an off-broadway play about a love triangle between a Private Detective, a girl and an albino gorilla. There are lots of cool characters including evangelists, millionaire developers and Santa Claus played by Angst the Clown.

Last week’s doodles