7/18/10    Just a quickie today….I’m goin’ swimming!

7/17/10    My cousin Alison asked me to do a drawing for her. While she would not specifically say what she wanted I assumed she meant it should be of her and her doggies so I did this from one of her online pics. I suspect I’ll be hearing what’s wrong with it…perhaps that it includes only one of her huskies? As you can see they are Steelers fans. I think that’s some sort of sports team.

7/16/10    I considered making the beast in this retooning of “Thuvia, Maid of Mars” Shere Khan from The Jungle Book or Scar from The Lion King, but I decided Frazetta’s original creature was too awesome to lose. I think it’s enough to replace the main characters with familiar “toons”. YES, I said TOONS! Unlike some hoity toity professionals I have no problem with that word, and obviously not with the word “doodles” either.

7/15/10  I started drawing Frazetta’s “Thuvia, Maid of Mars” with the little cityscape you see in the background of that painting and it evolved into this.

7/14/10     A couple of newsladies I found drawable. I’m not sure who the miniskirted Asian cutie on the left is… the one on the right is HLN’s Robin Meade.

7/13/10   These are from a few people’s Facebook links from yesterday. A glaring guy, a goat and Gibson and his Ex…Scary stuff!

7/12/10   Here’s a couple more studies of “The Bloviator” that actually look more like him than yesterday’s drawing. I think drawing him in a “reverent” head down praying position was a little difficult for me.

Last week’s doodles