7/11/10     Our Sunday sermon

7/10/10  random stuff saturday!

7/9/10 A couple profiles of BB…these are from that dancing competition show she now co-hosts.

7/8/10   Something about these hot summer days inspires me to draw pretty girls in swimsuits…go figure! I did this yesterday from an old photo of Brooke Burke.

7/7/10   A girl who was on the HDNET show Get Out!… a great show for babes and scenery.

7/6/10   I seem to have gotten into a “Frazettatoon” jag… this was inspired by his (Frank Frazetta) appropriately titled “Monster Out of Time” or if you prefer the alternate title: “Hook’s Revenge” Don’t get me wrong though, the croc is probably one of my fave Disney characters and I’d never want to see this happen to him. Let’s just say it’s the Captain’s fantasy.

7/5/10   Thanks to the great Chuck Jones for giving us Ralph and Sam. Yes, Ralph Wolf looks a lot like Wile E. Coyote who is also fun to draw.

Last week’s doodles