7/4/10    Yet more people enjoying a beautiful summer day at the beach as many will do on this glorious American holiday.

7/3/10        More beach people and birds from my sketchbook

7/2/10      These are from my sketchbook. I’ve been taking it with me on vacations for the past decade or so and while I probably get better drawings when I’m drawing on plain paper drawing in a little book does produce a result I find interesting. These are all actual people on the beach, usually in motion so you have to draw really fast!

7/1/10    Sometimes during the day I’ll switch on the TV and draw people I see there. These are girls from some soap opera emoting and looking hot.

6/30/10   It’s my birthday today so this doodle includes a couple girls in their birthday suits including my version of the awesome Dean Yeagle’s Mandy.

6/29/10   It was suggested to me that my “Escape on Venus” drawing might have been funnier if I’d substituted cartoon characters for the Frazetta characters. I wasn’t sure if I really had to go for “funny” in everything I do but this seems to work. Apologies to the late great Frank Frazetta for this interpretation of his painting “Dark Kingdom”.

6/28/10    These are among the coolest designed character I’ve worked with, Daggett and Norbert Way back in 1997 I got to animate a portion of the opening for Mitch Shauer’s The Angry Beavers. Some of my students tell me they used to watch this when they were kids. Way to make me feel OLD folks!

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