Asher.jpg (200894 bytes)

6/27/10   A few sketches of my puppy dog, Asher

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6/26/10  a few faces of varying attractiveness

joss.jpg (135297 bytes)

6/25/10   These are from pics of Joss Stone… though I may have made her dress a lot shorter than the one in the photo and added the strappy shoes.

wabbits.jpg (205106 bytes)

6/24/10       A study in contrast… a smart rabbit and a dumb bunny

pogo.jpg (384923 bytes)

6/23/10    tried my hand at a few characters by the great Walt Kelly

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6/22/10    sketches I did while listening to my Beatles remastered CDs and perusing the accompanying booklets

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6/21/10      Ok, so it’s not one I actually did today, the first day of summer 2010, and if you’re a fan of the late, great Frank Frazetta then you’ll recognize my rendering of his “Escape On Venus”. I had this on my desktop right after Mr. Frazetta passed on and I started drawing the girl and one thing led to another and before I knew it I had a cartoony version of the original illustration. If you haven’t seen the original you should definitely Google it and check it out. FF is awesome!