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Welcome to my doodles of summer 2011!

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9/4/11   Tomorrow is Labor Day… socially the last day of summer. But we all know summer goes on for a while yet even though it’s back to school on Tuesday!

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9/2/11   I am back, having survived three days without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene…three days during which I did not draw at all! Yesterday I got back to it with the above, which I have left unadorned by electronic drawing tool effects. What you see here is solely pencil work. Perhaps I will do a shaded or colored version some day. This seems to be in keeping with my latest theme of young ladies and their beasts.

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8/22/11   Everyone having a great summer out there? That’s the spirit!

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8/10/11   I’ve discovered the interesting results of drawing sketches from people’s Facebook thumbnails… not the full size pics but the smaller images… so you just get an impression of the person. This is what I got in the last hour. Do you see YOUR thumbnail?

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8/8/11  Continuing with the super hero theme… I  take a try at Wonder Woman in typical Goon kraking mode.

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