In recent years DC Comics has managed to expand its universe in cinema, television and even video games, the latter being a massive surprise for comic book readers around the world.

DC did not limit itself to anything, as it took the essential elements from other means so that the arrival of characters like Batman, Superman, and even the Justice League, would succeed in consoles so that they would become a standard for other heroes.

Today we present to you the five games (and even series) that you cannot miss if you like to read comics, enjoy the animated movies from DC and you go to the middle of the functions of the night by the DCEU. No one can miss these DC Comics Games.

  1. Arkham (series)

Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy has shown the world that comic book characters are great video game protagonists. In three titles we have seen most of the list of villains and allies of the bat paraded, on adventures that could have been written for the New 52 or the DCEU without any problem. There’s nothing more to say: the best video games starring comic book characters are Batman’s.

Just a year after the film debut of The Man Of Steel, the legendary Atari 2600 received the first video game inspired by a DC Comics character: Superman. Anciently, we had to enter a phone booth to switch from Clark Kent to Superman, face Lex Luthor and his henchmen in the pixelated City of Metropolis and rescue the beautiful Lois Lane from danger.

  1. Injustice (series)

After watching the members of the Justice League fight the characters of Mortal Kombat, Warner thought that a fighting game only with DC Comics heroes and villains would be a success… and they weren’t wrong. Injustice is practically one of the best Elseworlds in history; a Superman addicted to power and a Batman Who will not rest until he stops the madness of his old friend.

  1. LEGO Batman (series)

The success of LEGO Batman the Movie is due in no small measure to the excellent work done by TT Games with the games of the Bat. And that’S because LEGO Batman’s video games have taught a whole new generation of players to appreciate and value the humor of a character that in other circumstances, would not be very appropriate for children. Also, each delivery includes more and more character references that will surely make you laugh.

  1. Justice League Heroes

Inspired by the team of Justice League Unlimited, and with the script from writer Dwayne McDuffie, JL Heroes places before us villains like Brainiac and Darkseid who seek to end human life and put it against the vigilante. Fortunately, we have the presence of Batman Flash, Wonder Woman, as well as many other heroes who will give their lives to save the world from any threat.

  1. DC Universe Online

The endless fights between the heroes and villains of DC Comics have led the world to destruction, and just as Luthor is about to proclaim himself the victor, Brainiac’s troops approach to dominate the Earth. Lex will have to go back to the past and create a new generation of heroes (and villains) to help him save his future. Like World Of Warcraft, but with a lot of editorial content.