Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1947,Angst the Clown, then known as Augustine(Augie)Angastino grew up as a mob errand boy, running numbers for the local bosses. It was his dream to be “made” one day, but a freak accident led to a misunderstanding wherein the hapless youth had to flee for his life, and assume an identity under heavy makeup as a boardwalk clown at the New Jersey shore. His many neuroses, bitter attitude and heavy drinking soon earned him the nickname “Angst” among the locals, who accepted him as part of the “color” of their town, although allegations against him frequently came about. One night on the boardwalk, a particularly drunken Angst had a violent mishap with the ferris wheel, which although painful, was extremely amusing to the passers by. Angst caught the eye of local television producer Skeets Edwards, who started Angst on his road to infamy in 1982 by starring him as the host of what was intended to be a children’s program.What parents didn’t know however was that “Cartoonal Knowledge”, as Angst dubbed his show , was often inappropriate viewing for children. This really didn’t matter though, as studies indicated that Angst was so boring , and the cartoons shown on his program were so bad that only the most desperate youngsters ever tuned in.Over the years, forgotten by all but his loyal stage crew, the show still remains, incredibly, on the air.

all Cartoonal Knowledge art copyright 1998, Karmatoons Inc.,Greg Ford Co.,and Hi-Test Prods.

Angst Drinks Tequila   Caught in the act coming back from commercial, Angst covers his penchant for alcoholic beverages with a lesson in the proper method of swigging mescal, and has a run-in with a worm.(btw, the “normal” method is salt first then the lemon.)

Angst Meets Bernie    Angst comes to grips with a severe hallucination (or…is it?) in the form of a big, purple hug-loving dinosaur.