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9/19/10   OK, so I'm actually posting this on the 20th because I just was so tired from working on this job last night that I completely forgot about the doodle of the day. I'm animating Carol Channing in Al Hirschfeld style and I love getting into how he draws! Here are a couple practice drawings copied from a couple of his. It looks like Mr. Gleason finds Carol as annoying as I do!

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9/17/10  This is how I feel right now....I'm goin to bed...night

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9/16/10   Mr. Basic in various states of emotional agitation

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9/15/10    This is the character I use for teaching purposes that I call "Mr. Basic". This is actually from a few years back. He is seen in many different forms.

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9/14/10   just playing around with hands and arms

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9/13/10    Classes begin this week at the Kubert School! My first class is Thursday so get ready to animate all you first years! Above is the correct way to hold a pencil (if you're a lefty like me) and a few on the basic shapes that I will be asking you to draw for your first assignment.

Last week's doodles