Ar Kun heads.jpg (415070 bytes)

9/5/10   I think I have this guy down pretty well... I have to bring the other characters up to this level of fun.

Akiane and Diaab.jpg (539022 bytes)

9/410  These may turn out to be early versions of these characters

Noobie Nymph.jpg (148868 bytes)

9/3/10  a nymph named Noobie

Ar Kün.jpg (822824 bytes)

9/2/10    Something tells me this guy is eeeevil! Akiane faces the mighty Ar Kün.


sword girl.jpg (101118 bytes)

9/1/10    Just a quick one tonight.

Ether.jpg (744794 bytes)

8/31/10    the neighboring world of be continued!

bears.jpg (370029 bytes)

8/30/10    Bears in my backyard!

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